1400 - 355 Burrard Street
Marine Building
Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8

Phone: View Phone Number604-579-0166

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At Secured Security we strive to provide you with the latest communication and tracking devices, to keep our client safe. We try to ensure that our security is not intrusive for clients, but is very effective nonetheless.

Our teams of trained security personnel are our greatest assets, because they know their job well, know how to be discreet when required, yet provide an impressive security cover that discourages criminal acts. We ensure that our officers are polite, courteous, and have the ability to judge a situation and react quickly. In any emergency, the first step is to assess the ground conditions with respect to the safety of the client. We follow existing regulations and recommended procedures strictly, ensuring that the security cover to the client does not result in legal claims or harms the reputation of clients.

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